Goldbug Yearbook

The NUGGET is a restoration of the practice of issuing a McKinley yearbook devoted to senior, athletic, and extra-curricular activities. The successful publication of the 'Carnation' for twenty-one years had well established this practice when McKinley became an intermediate school in 1925.

Since the reorganization of the new McKinley High School in 1932, the need has been felt for a yearbook to replace the 'Carnation'. ... To select a name suitable for a high school annual is a vitally important task. The name finally chosen must be one that will be an inspiration to future students, and that will denote a hallowed institution to them as the years roll on.

The present McKinley students have chosen by popular vote the name 'Nugget' for their new annual. It was the one name of a long list of suggestions that best fulfilled both practical and sentimental requirements. 'Nugget' vividly suggests the gold of the school colors; it connotes a valuable possession that is to be treasured; it is an original name which will distinctively be associated with McKinley; and happily it is also a word with unusual graphical balance well suited to artistic lettering and design.
--The First McKinley Nugget, 1935 Edition