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The McKinley Goldbug Newsletter is mailed six times a year, during the odd-numbered months, in advance of each luncheon. That means that in 2022, the newsletters will mail on January 19, March 16, May 18, July 20, September 21 and November 16. The newsletter contains news and interesting items for all McKinley alumni, as well as the Registration Form for the bi-monthly Goldbug luncheons.

The newsletter is written by Jackie Robinson Maloney '52 in conjunction with a newsletter committee. Timely news items, information about the current McKinley, interesting articles and other relevant information is gathered to produce this highly readable newsletter for our McKinley enjoyment.

The main focus of the newsletter is to keep all McKinley Goldbugs connected to old friends and classmates, as well as keep them informed about what is happening with the student body at the current McKinley. If you have suggestions or comments about the newsletter, click here to send them to us

For over two decades, the McKinley newsletter was the primary means of keeping Goldbugs connected to each other. While it now shares that duty with the McKinley website, it still is widely read and appreciated by the alumni body. Goldbugs are encouraged to send in articles they have written for consideration of publication in the newsletter. Information for sending these articles is included in the newsletter


You all do good work.

Maybe the picture of our school could be on the back of our reservation and a picture of the Goldbug on the front corner of our newsletter.

I wish there were not so many obits!! You do a very GOOD JOB. Thanks to all of you. Sounds like Forrest Miller takes good care of all of you. He is a good friend of our whole family.

I enjoy reading the newsletter and appreciate all the work all of you put into it, so we can keep up with some of our classmates.

The newsletter is great, however, I wonder just how pertinent the birthday listings are? Enjoy the individual stories very much. I am very proud of you 'youngsters' for your efforts in seeking perfection in what you do for McK. Thanks.

Keep it coming! I appreciate all the work everyone does to make everything happen. The articles are great-Keep up the good work.

I think the newsletter is great and hope it continues.

The letter is GREAT. Though I can't attend luncheons, I can keep up on news.

Enjoy hearing about everyone. You all do a great job! Always looking for it.

The newsletter brings back new and old memories. I also enjoy the humor provided.

Always anxious to receive it.

Always enjoy reading the newsletter. Nice to hear about old classmates.

It keeps me in touch with old friends.

I thoroughly enjoy receiving the newsletter. It is a lot of work for you but it means so much to all of the alumni.

I love reading the newsletter. I'm always seeing names of people I knew when growing up there in South St Louis.

You're doing a great job of keeping the Goldbug spirit alive. Also, ever thought about having a lunch on a Saturday so those of us who still work M-F could come? A huge thank you for your efforts I hear about people and what's going on that I haven't seen in years.

My appreciation and thanks to newsletter and luncheon committee.

We enjoy reading the newsletter. It keeps us up to date with fond memories of our past I look forward to receiving the McK newsletter. You all work so hard getting it together and keeping our alumni in touch.

Even though I no longer live in St Louis, it gives me pleasure to hear about some of my former classmates and to hear how well the Goldbugs are carrying on the organization.

Have been going to luncheon since inception-but group has gotten so large that we find it difficult to sit with our friends.

Please show how many attend the luncheon.

Web site is super!!

I really liked this month's letter with articles on Butch Houston and Leroy Glore. I knew both of them personally and it brought back many fond memories. The luncheon committee is also great.

Every few months, I have a chance to take a nostalgic trip back to my youth.

I've appreciated your efforts on our behalf since first receiving your copy. It seem to reunite us in thoughts and feeling that laid dormant for years.

Loved this month's memory poem.

Sincere thanks for the newsletter and to the staff devoted to its publication and distribution. I file my newsletters and share them with my children and grandchildren---they are amazed that such a strong bond to one's alma mater exists in today's world.

Really enjoyed the articles on the coaches. Was a good friend of Leroy Glore's sister. We went to the same church. I did not know he became a coach at McK and I did not know he passed away so young. I also remember Coach Houston and Coach Blanke, My brother, Bill, played for Coach Houston in 1945.

Those of us not living in St Louis. I sure cannot tell you how much we appreciate the work you put into this letter of information, news and activities that is going on at home. Very professional looking.

I sure miss coming to the luncheons. I am so glad to get the newsletter and see what's going on.

I really like that the renewal is due in July. It seems that all my other publications are due at the end of December.

GREAT! It shows great care and attention to detail.

Articles on Miss McKinley---who were they and where are they today.

I enjoy the birthday page. I always check and see who is still around from my class. Also, the miscellaneous article such as 'Love in Bloom' and 'Can you remember when?''

Enjoy getting news of former McK friends and classmates-McK was a unique place-although we rarely attend the luncheons, your newsletters reconnects many memories. Keep up the good work-your efforts are appreciated by all.

Did you know that our class (Jan & June 1946) meets every 3 or 4 months for lunch. We usually have a turnout of about 40 or 50 'kids'---some grey headed-some not! We travel about 150 miles and I wouldn't miss it.

From Florida. All my neighbors enjoy reading my Goldbug newsletter. The newsletter makes me feel young at heart. I'm 87 years old.

I like reading the newsletter and would like to suggest a picnic in the park in September or October when the weather is cooler, somewhere in the South County area.

Thanks for the newsletter. It is informative, entertaining and professional.

The McKinley Goldbug newsletter contains many
interesting and informative features that includes:

  • Birthdays
  • Luncheon News
  • Individual News
  • Condolences

  • Teacher Profiles
  • Contributed Articles
  • Goldbug Interviews
  • Reunion Announcements
All the news about McKinley is included in this newsletter. The goal of the Newsletter Committee is to make the newsletter more relevant for all Goldbugs. The committee wants to provide you with interesting and entertaining articles and keep you abreast of all Goldbug news.

Although many Goldbugs donate their time in the generation of the newsletter, there are considerable expenses in producing and delivering this newsletter, with printing and postage being the most significant of the expenses.

In order to provide you with this quality newsletter, considerable revenue must be generated in order to pay these expenses that are incurred during the creation and production of this important newsletter.

The McKinley Goldbug Newsletter is provided on a subscription/donation basis with a minimum annual donation of $8. Subscriptions run from July 1st to June 30th.
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