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The classes of 1968 celebrated their 50th Reunion at the McKinley Fall Dinner/Dance and there were a lot of them in attendance. (This annual affair is a good place for classes to celebrate class reunions.) While the dance floor could have been busier, there were lots of hugs, squeals, handshakes and laughter as everyone seemed very happy to be there and see their classmates and friends. There was a 50/50 drawing and Marvin Glenn won $100 and Dee Poole won $60. It was great to see so many Goldbugs enjoying themselves.

THE GLORE FAMILY (as told by Irma Glore Spindel)

There were eight "adorable" children in the Glore family. Mom stressed family values and instilled a sense of humor in all of us (as the first sentence implies). Dad stressed education; he and Mom were both high school graduates and Dad graduated from Flat River Junior College. When they moved to St. Louis, Betty, Leroy "Lee", Irma, Bob and Joyce attended Lafayette Grade School. Betty and Lee graduated from there and when we moved to St. Vincent Street, the other six of us graduated from Hodgen. All eight of us graduated from McKinley and several married other Goldbugs. We received a good education and made many friends at McKinley.

Betty was the first to graduate, in 1947. She then worked as a secretary at International Shoe Company. Her husband was in the military and they lived in Germany for awhile and then settled in Eureka. Betty worked at the Rockwood Jr. High School and still lives in Eureka.

Lee was the next to graduate, in 1950. After graduating from college, he became a teacher and coach at McKinley, working with Coach Blanke. He married a Goldbug, Joanne Wiggins, and even though he was ill, he went on to earn his Master's Degree in Education. Sadly, Lee died in 1961 at the young age of 28.

Irma was the third to graduate, in 1952. After graduation she worked as secretary to Dr. Kottmeyer, the President of the St. Louis Board of Education. She married, but when she became pregnant, she had to leave there because you couldn't work for the school board if you were pregnant. After Irma's children were grown, she went on to work for 40 years as a secretary/bookkeeper for the same company. She retired at the age of 80.

Bob graduated fourth, in January, 1956. He attended Kirksville College, now Truman State University. He taught at Southwest High School and then taught at Affton High School, where he was also the golf coach. After retiring from teaching, Bob became a cattle rancher and farmer in Dixon, Missouri.

The fifth Glore to graduate was Joyce, in June, 1956. Joyce went on to get a teaching degree from Harris Teachers College and taught in the St. Louis Public Schools for 29 years. She earned a Master's Degree from Webster College and one from Lesley College in Massachusetts. Joyce also married a Goldbug, Bob Snyder from the class of 1955. Bob was also a teacher and counselor in St. Louis Schools and Parkway School District, and attained a PhD degree. After they retired, Bob made pottery and Joyce helped.

John graduated in 1961. He attended Mizzou for two years and then transferred to Kirksville. He received his Master's Degree in Education in 1964. In 1984, he returned to Mizzou and earned a Doctorate in Education. His teaching career was spent in the Orchard Farm, Fort Zumwalt and Pattonville School Districts. He was Principal of Pattonville High School and Executive Director of the Missouri Association of Secondary Principals when he retired. Numerous honors have been bestowed upon him. Sadly, John passed away on January 26, 2019.

Paula was the seventh to graduate, in 1963. She received her degree in teaching from Southeast Missouri State University and also attended the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. She taught in the New Mexico Public Schools, and a fellow teacher introduced Paula to her son, who was in the military. They married and moved to where he was stationed. Paula laughed and said that she had just learned how to spell Albuquerque and now she had to learn how to spell Chattanooga, Tennessee. Paula home schooled her children and each of them earned college scholarships and attended the University of New Mexico. Unfortunately, we lost Paula in 2012.

Our baby sister, Brenda, was the last of us to graduate, in 1968. She was the Queen of Athletics at McKinley in her senior year. When Brenda was ready to graduate, like all her classmates, she came home with two tickets for graduation. So, Dad went to the school for eight more tickets. He told them at school that since Brenda was his eighth child to graduate from McKinley, he wanted all of us to have a ticket. All of us got a ticket! Brenda continued her education and earned her Master's Degree from Lindenwood College. She taught in St. Louis Public Schools for a few years and then went to the Pattonville School District and retired from there. She also married a Goldbug, Don Trokey from the class of 1966.

As any large family does, we celebrate the good times and are there for each other during the rough times. The four sisters have lunch together every Tuesday and sometimes, a brother will join us. We stay close to each other.

Editor's Note: As I typed this article, I was struck by several facts that I think are pretty amazing. Of the eight Glores, six of them became teachers ... four of those six teachers had Master's Degrees. The two Glores who were not teachers, worked at least part of their career at a school or for the school board. And, they were a blue-collar family, not wealthy, but six of the eight went to college. All 10 Glores, plus a cousin, lived in five rooms on St. Vincent. Imagine four men and seven women with only one bathroom! Those were the days!

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