Fun Sites

As a new feature on our website, we have an exciting entertainment category for you to view! We are starting off with some sites that we think you will all enjoy and will bring back lots of memories. We will be adding additional sites as we find ones that we think our alumni body will enjoy. Let us know what you think of the new category!

Oldies Television
This website will let you look back at the television shows from your past - and you can decide which ones to re-visit!
Old School Talent
This clip includes several movie stars we're sure you will recognize and a young black musician with lots of rhythm!
Forest Park Highlands
The Forest Park Highlands was a place that many of us held dear to our hearts. School picnics there - seeing how many times you could ride the Comet - all of these will be brought back to your mind as you visit at this site.
Memories of Channel 5
These clips recall golden TV moments that will surely brings lots of memories ...
City Memories
This youtube site will take you down Memory Lane in St. Louis. When we viewed it, we saw some places we had totally forgotten about. Sit back and enjoy!
Sing, Sing, Sing!
This clip features Benny Goodman ... good, old music!
US Flight
This video takes you airborne on a trip around the United States ... awesome!
God Bless America
Here is a clip of Celine Dion singing "God Bless America" ... she does an awesome job!
Star Spangled Banner
This is our National Anthem, sung by three very young Americans. We think you will enjoy it.
Green Side of the Grass
This is a comedic song about aging ... we hope you enjoy it!
To re-visit Memories of St. Louis, this is a great site: