Email Directory Assistance

In an effort to help find a specific individual's name in the email directories, we offer these search suggestions.  
If you are looking for a specific individual's name, you can search the entire directory for either the first name, the last name or the maiden name. First, you must be on one of the email directory pages. Then, press the CTRL key and while continuing to hold this key down, you can press the 'F' key. The Find dialog box, shown to the right, will appear on the screen.
Enter the name (first, last or maiden) you are looking for and press the "Find Next" key in the upper-right corner of the dialog box.
If the name you entered exists anywhere on the page, including part of an email address, the cursor will appear next to that name which will be highlighted as shown below:  
'54   John Supic
If the name found is not the individual you are looking for, you may press the "Find Next" key again to search for another possible occurrence of the name you had previously entered. If there is another, the cursor will appear next to the next occurrence of that name.  
When there are no more occurrences of the name you had entered, the dialog shown to the right will appear indicating that it has searched the entire page of the email directory and there are no occurrences or no additional occurrences of the name you had entered.
Of course, you may browse the entire page of the email directory using the scroll bars on the right of the screen. This suggestion is just a means of quickly scanning the entire page for a specific name you may be looking for.  
After you have completed your search, you can press the left-pointing "Back" arrow of your browser (at the top, left part of the screen) to get back to the top of the page.