Coach Blanke's Accomplishments

There is not enough space on the Internet to list all of Coach Blanke's lifetime accomplishments. If we only listed that he provided much-needed guidance and support, to thousands of us, that would be more than enough -- but he did so much more in his lifetime.

  • Coached football - 33 years - 6 championships
  • Coached baseball - 30 years - 2 championships
  • Coached freshman basketball - 12 years
  • Football official - 40 years
  • Basketball official - 30 years
  • Past president of football officials

It goes without saying that athletics were a big part of Coach's life, but his greatest accomplishments were not on any sports field of endeavor.

We, the thousands of Goldbugs whose lives and hearts he touched, are his greatest accomplishment. Those that have felt his love will always have a soft spot in their hearts for this incredible man we call...Coach. We know that our lives are better for having known him.

There are so many great teams, and great players, that were coached by Coach Blanke, that it would take several pages to list them all. One team that is often talked about in many St. Louis sports circles is the 1946 championship football team.
The 1946 St. Louis Public High League Champions

Awards, Accolades and Tributes
Sporting News Coach of the Year
Inner-City Black Athletic Association Coach of the Year
Public High League Coach of the Year
St. Louis Suburban Journal's Denver Miller Award (1st recipient)
Testimonial dinner by former students and players
Greater Football Association Hall of Fame
Missouri Inter-Collegiate Athletic Association Distinguished Service Award
St. Louis Metropolitan Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame
Surprise 80th Birthday Party by former students and players
Missouri Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame
Eddie Cochran Award for Outstanding Contribution to Football
Missouri Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame